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I have been working with jewelry 40+ years of my life, off and on.

I started with macrame and beading when I was a young person. I always loved stones and bones and started incorporating them into my work years ago. I have become really attracted to carved antlers and have started carving my pendants recently. What a wonderful look a polished carved antler pendant adds to a necklace or any piece for that matter.

My adventures in the work that found me, took me in many directions and landed me in many lands. I have been very blessed to have had the experiences and journeys that have taken place in my life thus far. Truly, I have been so inspired by the various countrysides and the folks of those lands, the different types of employment and my heritage. All of it pours over into this work in the design of art in fashion. I am inspired daily by everything that life has to offer and the more design involved, the more it overflows and becomes new design ideas and products. It makes me very happy to report that fact. My work has kept me traveling since 1988 when I joined the Kansas Army National Guard. I met my husband in the military and ventured to live in Kornwestheim, Germany for 3 years. We took advantage of that opportunity and visited Europe's many regions and the UK. I will never forget the inspirations of the mother land, so saturated in old art. Works of art like I had never seen before. This has filled my soul with a distinct desire for creating and being created in a sense.

Since my life in Montana became a reality, I have been inspired even more. A rugged and exquisite landscape is the backdrop to creating a collection of art in a variety of mediums, as many an artist will tell you from that North Country. I have learned to appreciate copper more than ever due to the rich history of the Montana landscape that it comes from. My jewelry will have many pieces with copper in it. Several of the pendants that hang from my necklaces will be stones from my wild adventures wrapped in copper and other fine metals. I lean heavily into an industrial mix, with an aged, natural look and it shows in The Falcon's Knot line of jewelry. Other mediums in art will follow and I know that edge will be seen in that art as well...

The elements that pull The Falcon's Knot together are rich, from growing up with a forest in my yard and a magic mountain hanging in the sky, an orchard on the other half of the acreage and from a mechanical environment which grew into an industrial type of work experience.

A heritage of growing up in the second half of childhood with the constantly moving oceans of wheat in rural Kansas and a sky you could look into forever from. There is so much talent and inspiration within the people of my life, I surely will never run dry. I have the desire to instill that inspiration in others as well. Creating The Falcon's Knot has always been a dream of mine and it is a great blessing to see it come to life. I am very excited to create for you and with you.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the most unique creation you could imagine. 


The Falcon's Knot

121 Stagecoach Lane

Townsend, MT 59644

The Falcon's Knot

209 S. Pomeroy

Hill City, KS 67642

The Falcon's Knot

1094 Kingswood Lane

Lynchburg, Va 24504

Julie Anne Webster



Mon - Saturday

Sun: Closed


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